Onregistry. Big idea. Small planet.

Intellectual Property Protection. Licensing. Simplified.

Onregistry is the world’s first digital asset management solution powered by AI, behavioral economics, and social good on a global scale. We are transforming an industry, making everyone’s digital content universally accessible for monetization, objectively and democratically.


132 Trillion Webpages in the World


3.9 Billion Internet Users in the World


1.9 Billion Websites in the World


3.1 Billion Gigabytes of Internet Traffic

Our genius begins with the World Wide Web.

It’s made up of over 132 Trillion individual pages and growing.

Creating what may eventually be the biggest marketplace on planet Earth is no small idea. With the power of generative AI, the more data our crawlers collect, the more intelligent and efficient they become when crawling 132 trillion individual web pages.

We see a digital universe marvelously arranged. Get in touch.